Mazar-Fox Art Consulting offers advisory services to the art industry & to the public.



Mazar-Fox Art Consulting provides independent curatorial services for exhibitions at museums, galleries and private collections.



Holly Mazar-Fox can be hired for speaking engagements and panel discussions. She lectures on a variety of art-related topics, including the art market, collecting, history of art, and art appreciation.

Art Lunch & Learn Session {NEW!}:

As our workforce emerges from working remotely arrangements in light of the pandemic, the office rapport might be a bit rusty in response. 

Using art as a tool, Holly will not only educate your team, but also delve into the quirks of fine art complete with activities that will embolden even the most reserved van Goghs within your staff .

Guided Art Tours:

Holly can also be hired to provide private art tours of international exhibitions and art fairs throughout Canada, United States, Europe and Bermuda.


As the art industry continues to gain strength internationally, Mazar-Fox Art Consulting advises gallery owners seeking to expand into new markets; geographically (in Canada, the US and Europe) and targeting wider client bases. Our comprehensive knowledge of the business of art and extensive global network enable us to plan a bespoke strategy that best suits the gallery's objectives for growth. 


Our services include:

- Art fairs: collaborating with galleries to maximize their involvement and outcomes, orchestrating networking events and drafting reports on local/host art markets.


-Targeting new client bases or sectors: assisting galleries with marketing and outreach initiatives by strategically targeting new business opportunities.