Mazar-Fox Art Consulting provides tailor-made art services for residential projects; looking to purchase artwork for your home or building development, we can help you find the perfect work of art.

Whether a first time art buyer or a seasoned collector, Holly Mazar-Fox advises both new and experienced private clients on their personal art acquisition needs. Our access to a wide breadth of art mediums and extensive network of dealers, enable us to find the best quality artwork to fit any budget for a growing collection or individual project.


Should you wish to sell a piece from your collection, Mazar-Fox Art Consulting can also provide guidance on the selling process and initiate transactions through auction houses, dealers or private sales channels.


Our comprehensive services include:

  • Purchasing art

  • Selling art

  • Auction representation

  • Advice on building, expanding or deaccessioning a collection

  • Collection Management (please click link for full list of services)  



Our services also include working with interior designers and architects to help address their art requirements for new buildings, including condominium and apartment developments. We assist in sourcing artwork for communal areas such as lobbies, hallways, lounges, event spaces and libraries.