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Sourcing exceptional global artwork for a lifetime of enjoyment & worthwhile investment.

About Us

Mazar-Fox Art Consulting provides uniquely tailored fine art services built on access, knowledge and experience in order to best serve clients with their specific art needs. Holly advises a wide range of clients, including private individuals, corporate offices, and interior designers offering expert guidance on art acquisitions, in addition to providing comprehensive collection management and appraisal services. Holly focuses on presenting independent advice, while bringing an in-depth knowledge of international artwork of all mediums to each and every project. Holly is a qualified fine art appraiser and member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

Art Sourcing

Our firm assists clients find the perfect artworks for their homes and offices.  We guide them through all stages of the collecting process, seamlessly and easily – from initial research to purchasing to overseeing installation.

Blockchain & other Art investments

Let us help you navigate the newest art investment opportunities through blockchain technology and fractionalization.

Free Ports

Art storage is an integral, yet often overlooked aspect of collecting. Owning a Free Port is a revenue generating venture with many profitable outcomes.  

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