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Art Sourcing

Our firm assists clients find the perfect artworks for their homes and offices.  We guide them through all stages of the collecting process, seamlessly and easily – from initial research to purchasing to overseeing installation.

Our access to a wide breadth of art mediums and extensive network of artists, dealers and auction houses, enable us to find the highest quality artwork to fit any budget for any corporate or residential space.


Each acquisition project is supported by in-depth market analysis, provenance and condition research – invaluable data for any transaction.  With over 10 years’ art world experience Holly has developed an expert eye for exceptional art.  

NFTs Advising

For Collectors:

Let us help you navigate the largest growing sector of the art market, Non-Fungible Tokens (NTFs).  NFTs are unique works of art that exist using blockchain technology.


Mazar-Fox Art Consulting Ltd., will lead you through this new way of collecting by eliminating the complexities and concerns for clients, including:


- Crafting unique NFT collections

- Advise on short-term holding with high yields

- Remove the barriers to buying

- Help with NFT technology

- Scrutinize sales to avoid scams

- Assist setting up your own wallet

- Advise on marketplaces

For Artists:

Mazar-Fox Art Consulting advises artists looking to grow their practice into the NFTs space – our expertise includes working collaboratively with an artist to develop a style befitting the market, minting, sales on appropriate marketplaces and promotion.  Artists gain direct exposure to collectors and ensure royalties for future sales.


For Galleries/Museums:

​Our firm also counsels world-class museums and galleries in the creation of artwork NFTs from their own collections.  We oversee the minting process and sale (via auction or marketplace) of these unique NFTs of original artwork.  


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Free Ports

Art storage is an integral, yet often overlooked aspect of collecting. Owning a Free Port is a revenue generating venture with many profitable outcomes.  


Mazar-Fox Art Consulting can advise on the building of Free Port storage facilities for markets looking to expand into tax-free havens for art.  These multi-scale projects include ground-up guidance on:

  • Negotiation of land contracts

  • Negotiation with tax authorities and experts

  • Lead discussion with specialist insurance companies

  • Weather-safe location

  • State of the art security measures

  • Climate controlled facilities

  • Collection management

  • Advise on art sales located within the Free Port

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