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For Charity


Bermuda Cancer Aid is a specially crafted, limited edition print sale for COVID-19 relief. This charitable endeavor is a creative partnership between artist, Jon Legere and art consultant, Holly Mazar-Fox to help the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre with financial assistance as a result of the pandemic. COVID has put a significant strain on the Centre’s ability to provide diagnostic imaging services and treat patients with radiation therapy amidst new social distancing protocols. The proceeds of each print sold will be donated to the Centre. Help our Bermudian cancer community by buying art!

Lose yourself in the beauty of Bermuda's rich tropical palette - Jon's collage-like prints bring together the bright, uplifting colours of the island along with design elements unique to this remote archipelago.  The artist's use of bold shapes is inspired by the island's geography, thin and long swatches of coverage and perfectly formed inlets are reminiscent of the island's delicate contour.  The inclusion of Bermuda's distinctive architecture is also a playful detail that Jon has interwoven making these prints absolute masterpieces!

This trio of prints (in homage to the infamous Bermuda triangle), will complement any space in your home or office!

Save $50 when you buy 2 (using promo code CANCERAID2)
Save $150 when you buy 3 (using promo code CANCERAID3)

**Free consultation** with $20 delivery charge (on island - only) - advice on where to hang your print(s)!

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